With regrets I inform you: At the moment you are reading this article, I have already moved into a different office within Charter (Charter Spectrum Reach in Middletown, NY).  I am very sorry to leave and will miss CTV-192 greatly. 

CTV-192 is a creative content hub which is hard to leave.  There are so many different wonderful people I’ve encountered here, all sharing the same core passion: to share a message with the community through video.  It has been wonderful to watch how peoples’ different skills and backgrounds combine in various ways to help make public access content.  The resulting content enriches the lives of the community inside and outside of the TV studio. 

Most of all I am sad to leave the CTV team.  Greg, Mark and Franny are the best combination of skilled and supportive; day in and day out they are the backbone of all that goes on here, helping anyone from the community reach his or her goals, as well as having fun and growing in video communication skills. 

             To all of the trainees, sponsors, producers who have walked these halls: thank you so much for your contribution to public access at CTV-192.  I wish you the best of luck on your future endeavors, and we all appreciate your efforts thus far to help make public access at CTV-192 a valuable resource for the community.

Can dogs fly? No, but we came close when we captured video of a police dog going airborne recently during the 2016 Western CT Police K-9 Challenge held at the 2nd Company Governor’s Horse Guard in Newtown.


The real importance of our visit to the Horse Guard October 8TH was the training opportunity. We had 12 of our current trainees from the CTV video production training program operating there in teams of 4, each team had a camera and the goal of capturing whatever delighted them as long as they practiced techniques they’d been taught.


“The visit to the Horse Guard provided the opportunity for some really exciting video work,” said Joe Conlon of Southbury. “Our team spent much of the time at the Police K-9 Demonstration which was fast-moving and demanded good framing practices, tracking a fast-moving subject and anticipating the action for close-up shots.”


Rhonda Lehman Davenport of Newtown said, “It was a pleasure to meet, interview, and film the people who represent our community at the Governor’s Horse Guard. It was also terrific to work within a team to get the best shots possible. What a great learning experience and so cool to see some of the clips come together in a more finished product!”


“I found that filming at the event was an interesting and practical way to apply the skills that we have learned in the training course to the real world,” said Talia Hankin of Newtown. “We were right there in the community and we got to practice with unique camera angles, panning, zooming and lots of action shots. I even got practice in interviewing someone on camera.”















We’ll continue to offer these field trips so that in-class video skills get put to the test out in the dog-eat-dog “real world.”

Trainee Elizabeth Steeves, a senior at Masuk High School has made it her project to cut various clips taken that day into a show she can share on CTV-192. In the meantime check out 2 clips  from that day on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/CTV192), under “Videos.”

A Dozen Gets It Done at the Horse Guard

By Franny Hannigan


With Regrets   Lindsay Kelkres