5th Congressional District Debate: Truck Shoot Corner by Mark Ingram

On Thursday October 13th our fantastic mobile production truck and crew went to the Danbury Portuguese Cultural Center. We were there to shoot the 5th Congressional District debate between Elizabeth Esty and Clay Cope. Although it was very exciting to be there, it was not the first time we have been to the Portuguese Cultural Center. In fact, we have a long history capturing the 5th Congressional District debate at the Center. Each time we have collaborated with the League of Women Voters to make this happen. This would be the third time we have produced the 5th Congressional District Debate there.

. In the pictures above, beside and below, our crew of camera people and the CTN (Connecticut Network) camera crew are setting up. CTN actually took their audio feed from us.

Our volunteers have to get use to their same old studio cameras and training yet, in a different environment. Sometimes this can be disorienting.

In the control room before the shoot we are making sure video and audio levels are uniform throughout the shoot. We used a variety of microphones to capture the audio properly: handheld, lavaliere and PZM.

This debate production was distributed through a variety of outlets. It was cablecast on our own Charter Spectrum system on channel CTV192. It was available to Frontier customers on channel 99. It has been added to our website via Vidoe On Demand. Take a look and appreciate this free, informative event made possible by an amazing variety of volunteers, organizations, professionals, businesses and corporations all doing their essential part in the expression of individuals collaborating in and with community television