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CommunityVision 21 Mobile Production Truck

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Click here to download the Mobile Truck request form

Charter Communications' CommunityVision 21 has in its inventory a mobile production truck. This vehicle has the capability to record events using the remote studio equipment housed in a box unit connected to a heavy duty van chassis.

Click here to download the Mobile Truck request form

This mobile production van can be driven to community events, local sports, debates, parades, etc. A trained support staff of Charter employees and intern volunteers perform the tasks necessary to set-up, produce, and load out each event.


Click here to download the request form!

The benefits of the CommuniyVision 21 mobile production truck are multi-fold. Most importantly, the community is able to see local events from the comfort of their own home. Secondly, the event organizers, often non-profit or taxpayer-funded commissions, are able to reach deeper into the communities they represent. Finally, the intern volunteers that crew these shoots are gaining real world experience that can carry them to future careers as they enrich their local communities.

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