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Getting Started in Community Access Television

This page contains information on how to get started producing your own show or series for CTV-21. If you already have some knowledge of the process and you just want the forms: Left-click this image to vist the Forms download page:     Click here for

Because we provide you with equipment and training; producing a program for CommuniTyVision 21 is easy. When you take the first step in deciding to create a program you immediately earn the right to call yourself Producer. How is this so? Making decisions (a ton of ‘em) is what television production is all about.

  •   Start with an idea. When you commit to expressing an idea, opinion, or event through the medium of video you are immediately presented with variables of opportunity or direction. Known as the details It is these decisions you make that will shape the look of the finished production.

  • Pre-Production- Apply the five "W"s to your idea like: "What will I videotape?" "When will I shoot this?" and "Where will I shoot this?" "Who will I be taping?" and "How will I be shooting this?" These and other decisions will be easier to make based on your program idea. For example: If your program idea is to tape a lecture on Open Space at the town hall, start by researching all the details of the event. This means you will want to:
      A. Get the names of the speakers (especially the moderator)
      B. Find out the exact time of the lecture
      C. Confirm which room in the town hall.
    The more familiar you are with the event the greater success you will have in meeting the challenges of producing. One of the many new skills you will develop is the ability to rely on other people to assist you, some of whom you are meeting for the first time.

  • Communicate - Cameras make people nervous. When you announce plans to videotape subjects in the field or guests in a studio their initial reaction may be suspicion. Your job as producer is to make your intentions clear by identifying yourself and your intentions at every opportunity. Even if someone can't help you they could still be a potential viewer for your program.

  • Use our handy Program Proposal form for organizing your idea. This form has a place for the all the information we need to know before we can help you with training or equipment. We will also help you fill out the form.